Apple looking to target prepaid users with entry-level iPhone

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Cheap iPhone - front

Apple is rumoured to be considering a low-cost iPhone model that will target prepaid users and developing markets. RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky recently met with two Apple executives and had confirmation that a ‘cheap’ iPhone was on the tech giant’s To Do list, but only if it would live up to the normal Apple standards by delivering an “innovative, category-killer. Read more...

Mubarak’s courtroom remarks become Egypt’s hottest new ringtones

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Mubarak ringtones

Embroiled in a corruption and murder trial (for which he faces the death penalty if convicted), former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has shocked spectators in recent days by appearing in court on a hospital gurney, enclosed in a black steel cage. But rather than pity him, Egyptian nationals have turned his court statements into mobile ringtones, which have swept through the country in. Read more...

If you’re addicted to your smartphone, latest survey says you’re not alone

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Smartphone addiction

Do you use your smartphone in the loo? No, don’t tell me! If you think you’re alone, just check out how attached some people are to their mobiles. These stats were taken from a report issued by the UK’s independent communications regulator (Ofcom) but they apply equally to most of the people I know who have phones. Which is everyone I know. 37% of adults and 60% of teenagers. Read more...

Inside Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 handset, the ‘Sea Ray’

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Nokia Sea Ray with Windows Phone 7

A video leaked from a factory in China or Hong Kong reveals Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphone, nicknamed the ‘Sea Ray’. From the looks of things, it’s been built using the Nokia N9 blueprint. The video shows the various components of the phone and some of the operating system in action. Nokia’s only official statement on any of its Windows Phone 7 handsets. Read more...

Instagram reaches 150 million photos and 7 million users

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Instagram - 150 million photos 7 million users

Instagram, the ‘fast and beautiful’ photo sharing app for the iPhone, has just announced the rewards of their explosion in popularity since they launched less than a year ago. They now store over 150 million photos with a community of 7 million users. Famous for making it easy to instantly add visual effects to photos (using 11 different filters that change colours, moods and. Read more...

Layar Vision ups the game for mobile augmented reality in every app

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Layar Vision - augmented reality platform

The promised land of practical augmented reality (AR) seems to finally be within sight, if you’ll excuse the convenient pun. Layar, the Dutch company considered to be the mobile industry’s leading light in the field of AR, has just launched Layar Vision. This enables phones to now actually recognise up to 50 objects in the real world (posters, newspapers or magazines, for example),. Read more...

iCow SMS service helps dairy farmers in Kenya

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iCow mobile SMS service for dairy farmers

Three years ago, when a group of us were debating the power of mobile technology and how it could be applied to local businesses, we said something along the lines of, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were tending cattle out in the grazing fields and one of your cows got ill and you could just log on to a vet for information on how to deal with that problem?” We thought at. Read more...

Mobile penetration soars past 100% in 97 countries

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Mobile penetration soars past 100% in 97 countries

Finally, the stats that back up what we’ve all been feeling and seeing in the mobile industry in the last couple of years are in: access to mobile handsets over the first decade of the 21st century has been astronomical. Some of the numbers, when taken against the backdrop of poverty in developing countries, are pretty profound. Consider, for instance, that more than 2.6 billion people. Read more...

[Infographic] Who’s spying on you through your mobile?

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Infographic - Who's spying on you through your mobile?

It’s tin foil hat time, folks. And with good reason, if you look at what’s possible out there. Hacking, bugging, tapping – all of it’s been done. We live in the age of built-in GPS and surprisingly a large percentage of mobile users are happy to broadcast their exact locations via networks like Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter. If you count yourself in that list,. Read more...

[Infographic] What the mobile gaming market looks like in 2011

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Infographic - mobile gaming in 2011

Mobile gaming is arguably one of the defining pillars of success or failure for the major mobile operating systems. Good app economies are usually highly game orientated, with top quality full-game products, shiny graphics and extensive, interactive game-play. Gone are the days when Tetris and some form of solitaire were the most you could hope for in your mobile games folder. As more and. Read more...