[Video] How the mobile industry morphed between 2007 and 2011

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Anyone with a cork eye has noticed how enormous the changes have been to the lay of the mobile land in the last couple of years. But it’s really only once you zoom out and look at exactly where things started (and how they’ve morphed over the years) that you appreciate the full perspective of the rapid transformation. The video below (compiled by Asymco) looks at how the numbers. Read more...

[Infographic] The App Store Wars – who’s winning?

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The app stores are arguably the biggest revenue drivers for mobile manufacturers, bringing in more cash (for far less cost) than producing the handsets themselves. Looking at the app store landscape from a bird’s eye view, the infographic below (created by WebpageFX)compares Apple’s App Store (the juggernaut of the bunch) against Android Market (quickly growing into a sizeable. Read more...

Google buys Motorola for $12.5 billion and declares outright war on Apple

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Google has just closed the loop in their plan to dominate the mobile world. They’ve purchased Motorola Mobility (which owns all of Motorola’s mobile interests) for $12.5 billion in cash. Have you seen what $12 billion in cash looks like? No, neither have we. Google’s move now completes their mobile strategy to own the operating system (with their launch of Android), the. Read more...

Did you know that 26% of the iPhone 4 is made by Samsung?

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Shock and horror for Apple fanboys. It turns out that a whopping 26% of the gorgeous and magical iPhone 4 is actually manufactured by mobile handset competitor Samsung, based in Korea. The highly-prized ‘brain’ of the iPhone 4 (that includes the RAM, memory chips and A4 chipset) is made entirely by Samsung and contributes to 26% of the phone’s total component cost. This. Read more...

If social networks were superheroes, who would they be?

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We all have our favourite social media sites and networks. For me right now, it’s Twitter. Facebook feels more like an old school friend that I happen to bump into now and then; we exchange the usual catch-up banter, and then go our separate ways until bumping into each other again at some point in the future. But what if we imagined these sites as superheroes (or villains) –. Read more...

Teen girl charged in UK’s first BlackBerry Messenger incitement case

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The next round of London Riots madness has begun with the arrest of an 18-year-old girl, charged with encouraging others via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to participate in riots. This is the first case to officially name the use of BBM in charges brought against someone involved in the riots. And although you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re in the middle of a George Orwell novel,. Read more...

Nintendo investors want to see Mario and Luigi on the iPhone

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Mario Brothers on iPhone

Big boss at Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has always dug his heels in about porting games to non-Nintendo consoles, but it looks like Nintendo investors aren’t giving him a choice anymore. They want to see the company take a chunk of the smartphone apps pie, especially in light of the poor sales figures coming back from the Nintendo 3DS. Mobile gaming is huge, and continues to grow exponentially,. Read more...

Nokia 5030 seriously injures owner after battery explodes

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Nokia 5030's battery explodes

Monu Kumar, a 21-year-old man living in New Delhi in India, has been seriously injured in the eyes after the battery in his Nokia 5030 handset exploded while he was trying to remove the battery from the phone. Nokia India’s Director of Corporate Communications, Poonam Kaul, said that Nokia wouldn’t comment officially until they have had a chance to inspect the remains of the. Read more...

[Infographic] The South African mobile market at a glance

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South Africa - mobile insights

South Africa is one of the leading mobile markets in the developing world, with mobile penetration nearing 98%. Thanks to broadband connectivity issues (like no cables to remote areas) and pricing barriers, the majority of South Africans have skipped the PC generation and gone straight to mobile, with Nokia handsets and feature phones heavily dominating the market. Nielsen has just conducted. Read more...

Facebook Messenger aims arrow straight at the heart of BBM and IM

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Facebook Messenger instant messaging chat app

In case you need yet another way to feed your Facebook addiction, you now have the option to chat with your Facebook friends in a new instant messenger app that the Zuckerberg Brigade has released on iPhone and Android. The app puts Facebook in the ring with chat competitors Blackberry Messenger (BBM), Apple’s new iMessage service and Google+ Huddles, providing a real-time channel. Read more...