Mobile phones of 9/11 victims on display in 10th anniversary exhibition

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A grisly collection of burnt and disintegrated mobile phones is on display in an exhibition marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. The featured handsets all belonged to victims who were trapped, and ultimately died, in the World Trade Centre’s twin towers in New York. The phones were apparently heard ringing in the rubble after the two passenger planes ploughed into. Read more...

Apple reveals the new-look iPhone 5 by mistake

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It’s an open secret that Apple will be releasing their next-generation iPhone (widely believed to be the iPhone 5, with some rumours suggesting it’ll be called the iPhone 4G S) in October. As the big moment draws nearer, more and more of the new phone’s technology is starting to leak out, with the latest revelations focusing on the iconic home button and the size of the. Read more...

Google shuts down Photovine a week after launching it

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Google has stunned the tech community at large by announcing that they’ll be shuttering and all associated apps (including the only-just-released photo sharing app Photovine) over the next couple of months. Slide was the social apps company purchased by Google in August last year for $182 million. was started by Max Levchin, who was one of the original Paypal founders,. Read more...

[Video] The day that Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh and started a customer cult like no other

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The Steve Jobs era as we’ve known it may have ended, with him resigning as CEO of Apple today, but even “the most innovative company in the world” (to quote Jobs’ successor Tim Cook) had to start somewhere. And this is it. It all began on a darkly-lit stage in January 1984. Steve presented the Macintosh to the world for the very first time. And even then, back in. Read more...

Charge your phone wherever you are with new shoe-powered battery

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Dead batteries are the bane of our lives. Phone power always seems to hit rock bottom when we can least afford it. At the exact moment you receive that important call, or while sending an SMS to a tow company when your car’s broken down, or after waiting 38 minutes for a customer care centre to pick up your support call – and they just have. The solutions out there have always. Read more...

Nokia releases two ridiculously cheap (but very capable) phones

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Great news for African countries, India and other developing markets: mobile handsets have just become even more affordable with the introduction of the super cheap Nokia 100 and Nokia 101. And just because these low-cost phones don’t come with high price tags, it doesn’t mean that they don’t come with a great selection of features. The main difference between the 100 and. Read more...

Dior ventures into mobile bling with $5,000 phone

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Not everyone wants to walk the streets of New York or LA or Monte Carlo with yet another Nokia or iPhone or Blackberry. Some people have standards to maintain – a certain image that only the best of the best will help keep up. So to answer the basic needs of the super rich, Christian Dior has done what any self-respecting gazillionaire design house would do: release a $5,000 mobile. Read more...

Pre-orders for LG’s new Optimus 3D handset open today

By Ryan | On Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 - 1 Comment »

Fresh off the back of the release of their popular Optimus Black smartphone, LG is about to launch the world’s first-ever 3D mobile phone, with tri-dual processing and twin cameras. And best of all, you won’t need 3D glasses to see the multi-dimensional handset action. The phone will contain a dual 5 megapixel camera, giving users the ability to easily snap 3D photos or record. Read more...

CNN in talks to acquire iPad feed reader Zite

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Zite, the iPad RSS feed reader magazine that ‘gets smarter as you use it’, is apparently being courted by TV news network CNN. The news station is seriously considering acquiring Zite for a reported $25 million, giving the TV-only brand an instant foothold in the mobile news market. Zite has differentiated itself from other news feed apps through it’s ‘personalised. Read more...

Nokia’s big reveal tomorrow: the new Symbian Belle

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The countdown timer on Nokia’s Facebook page makes no secret of their big announcement scheduled for tomorrow: something new is coming to Symbian. And that ‘something’ is the brand new version of Nokia’s Symbian mobile operating system, called Belle. Popular speculation is that tomorrow’s event will see the launch of the Nokia 700, the first handset to be built. Read more...