Google launches GoMo to help anyone launch a mobile site

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Believe it or not, there are some pretty smart people over at Google HQ. And in between bouncing around their cubicles on inflatable yoga balls and sliding down gargantuan metal slides for no reason whatsoever, they’ve just released an initiative that they believe will help the world hurtle towards mass mobile standardisation. They’ve called it GoMo, because it helps people and businesses ‘Go Mobile’. See, I told you they were smart.

What the service does in a nutshell is help business owners identify their websites’ shortcomings when displayed on a mobile device. According to Google’s stats, 61% of users won’t return to a site that doesn’t present a mobile-friendly interface when viewed on a phone or tablet. That obviously makes good sense, so Google being the altruistic gang that we know them to be, they decided to roll up their sleeves and set sail on the good ship Mobility.

Sticking with the nautical metaphor for a bit, Google’s map to a portable paradise leaves port from, which includes:

  • resources and information on the basics of mobile design and development
  • a live view of what your website currently looks like on mobile devices (some of you should proceed with caution)
  • a ‘GoMoMeter’ that will analyse your website and provide recommendations and tips (and a free report!) on how to make your site more mobile friendly
  • infographics, data and trends on where mobile is going and why you need to take notice
  • examples of the businesses who’ve paid attention to mobile and who have sites that shine on mobile devices
  • development contacts to help you build a mobile-friendly website for your visitors

For those who couldn’t be bothered to click, here’s a quick overview of what GoMo offers:

Thanks Google. Whatever would we do without you?

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