Where to watch Apple’s big iPhone 5 announcement today

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4 October 2011. The big day has finally arrived. By this time tomorrow, Apple will have concluded their top secret “Let’s talk iPhone” event and left the world daydreaming about yet another gorgeous Apple gadget that they just have to have (but don’t need, obviously).

Besides satisfying the world’s collective hunger for a new iPhone, this event will also introduce two very noticeable format changes to the traditional Apple announcement setting. For one, iconic Apple founder Steve Jobs will be absent. After taking over from Jobs as CEO on 24 August 2011, Tim Cook will be the face we see on stage today. He has some big shoes to fill. Another change we’ll see today is the venue of the announcement, which has traditionally been the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. Today’s announcement will instead be far less formal, hosted at the Apple Town Hall at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

The event kicks off at 10am PDT (1pm EST / GMT -4) and, as always, Apple won’t be broadcasting a thing. It’ll be up to the bloggers and tech journals of the world to take on the responsibility of beaming the good news to the rest of the planet as quickly as possible. If you’re not going to be at the event itself, here’s a list of web locations where you can read or watch live updates of the announcement:

Where? What’s on offer?
Vertex Live video stream
Engadget Live video stream before the event and live blog during the announcement
Slashgear Live blog
Gizmodo Live blog starting 1 hour before the event

Now all that remains to be seen, besides the iPhone 4GS vs iPhone 5 details, is whether Mr Cook will be sticking to Steve’s black-top-and-blue-jeans wardrobe or if he’ll be upstaging the ex-Chief with something a little fancier. My bet’s on fancier.

Over to you, Timbo.

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