Say hello to a mobile phone built to last forever

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While the world’s Apple fans are stocking up on blood pressure medication in preparation for tomorrow’s iPhone 5 announcement, a company in Denmark has instead focused their efforts on creating an anti-smartphone, built out of surgical steel and available in a gold-plated model, that will ‘last forever’.

Danish manufacturer Æsir (Aesir) has bucked the trend of mobile handset disposability by inventing a phone that doesn’t focus on games or camera capabilities and that doesn’t need to be replaced – ever. The YB1 handset concentrates on making crystal-clear phone calls and delivering text messages efficiently, all within a body that has been built to last a lifetime. All for the sweet price of between €6,000 and €40,000.

Æsir founder Thomas Jensen says, “There’s a long tradition in Denmark to build things that will last, so we tried to design our mobile phone like you would a chair, boiling it down to the essence of what it should be.”

Jensen strongly believes that consumers and manufacturers of the 21st century must change the way that they think about electronics. “There’s an obsession with obsolescence. I’m sick of opening the newspaper and having adverts for 200 new televisions in my face,” he said.

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