Sony Ericsson enables 3D photography on 2D phones

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Sony Ericsson is pushing hard on developing new functionality to give their handsets an edge over same-rung competitors like HTC, LG and Samsung. They’ll have to go a very long way to muscle in on Blackberry or iPhone turf, but in a war of newness that brews daily in the mobile domain, their latest creation is certainly a novelty that’s going to attract a few new phone shoppers.

SE’s new top-of-the-range Xperia Arc S handset (to launch next month) is a 2D phone but it has built-in magic that gives owners the opportunity to take 3D panoramic photos, which can be viewed on any 3D TV. The technology works by stitching multiple images together in a way that is viewable in 2D on the handset and in 3D in a 3D envionrment.

The XAS will run on Android, of course, and will boast a 25% faster 1.4GHz processor, a 4.2 inch screen, an 8.1MP camera (naturally) and a snazzy HDMI output for 3D TV photo viewing sessions. Not a bad set of features if you ask me. Though the popularity of 3D still remains to be seen, with many seeing the technology as taking things too far in the home theatre space. 3D television sales are picking up but they haven’t been a runaway success … yet. And the fact that you’re only able to view 3D photos on another device (rather than on the device itself, like the LG Optimus 3D) could be a turnoff.

Either way, the phone will definitely please Sony Ericsson enthusiasts and very possibly get fans of other manufacturers to stray from home this time around. Though clever fans will wait to see what the 3D photos look like first before parting with their hard-earned cash.

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