Nokia prepared to pay $10k to find replacement for iconic ringtone

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You’d go a long way to find someone on the planet who doesn’t recognise the Nokia tune. You know: dee-dle-oo-do-dee-dle-oo-do-deedle-oo-do-do (the musical score is just above this, if you want to play along on an instrument of your choice). This simple melody has shattered the silence of many a movie theatre over the last decade. Not to mention libraries, aeroplanes, meetings, graduations and just about anywhere else that mobile phones have infiltrated. It’s the one sound that defines a ringing mobile phone – until now.

Nokia wants to replace their iconic ringtone with something fresh, new and (wait for the buzzword) crowdsourced. In an attempt to join the cool kids, Nokia is turning to social media platforms to find a user-created replacement for the Nokia tune. A brave move on the mobile manufacturer’s part, considering the implications of the contest. The winning tune will not only see the composer winning the $10,000 prize, but will also be included as the default ringtone on over 100 million Nokia handsets going forward.

The tune will also be available on Nokia’s Ovi app store and enjoy the attenton of a worldwide audience via above-the-line advertising. The brief to users is pretty straightforward: the ringtone needs to be “fresh, original, creative, expressive and distinctively a Nokia tune”.

Got a ditty running through your head already? Enter the Nokia Tune Remake contest here.

And just in case your brain hasn’t been scarred for life by the old deedle-do tune, here’s a quick reminder:

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