New Nielsen study reveals social networking habits of mobile users

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Nielsen’s latest social networking study has identified that at least 37% of social media users in the USA access their favourite sites from their mobile phones. It also highlights that only 3% use social networks or read blogs on their iPads, just 2% from e-readers and 1% from music devices like the iPod. The fact that the iPad comes in just above e-reader access to social media is quite a blow to the tablet’s media darling status.

As far as app usage is concerned, 60% of smartphone owners use their phones for social networking, making it the third most popular application type after games (67%) and weather (65%). Maps/navigation/search comes in at fourth place with 55% of users, followed by music at 45% and news at 42%. Unsurprisingly, dining comes in last at just 27%.

Another interesting statistic to note is that social networking usage amongst the 55+ age group has doubled this year when compared with last year’s usage.

The top five social media/networking destinations accessed via mobile are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace (what!?) and Photobucket.

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