Apple reveals the new-look iPhone 5 by mistake

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It’s an open secret that Apple will be releasing their next-generation iPhone (widely believed to be the iPhone 5, with some rumours suggesting it’ll be called the iPhone 4G S) in October. As the big moment draws nearer, more and more of the new phone’s technology is starting to leak out, with the latest revelations focusing on the iconic home button and the size of the iPhone’s screen.

The home button is the one and only button on the face of the iPhone, a move that drew criticism in the iPhone’s early days but which has become one of the defining characteristics of the handset that everbody wants to own.

The popular opinion is that the iPhone 5′s home button is going to be wider and touch-sensitive, allowing for swiping and other potential gestures right from the home button itself. This will turn the button into more of a mini trackpad than a singular site for pressing.

The notion has been backed up, surprisingly, by a move made by Apple themselves. A new iPhone icon can be seen in the latest version of Apple’s Photostream app. The icon clearly indicates both a wider home button and a larger screen (which uses nearly the full width of the handset).

Both features are expected to be included in a number of other improvements, including built-in panoramic photo functionality and an 8mp camera with full HD video capabilities.

If all of this comes true (and even if only some of it does) there won’t be any prizes for guessing what 80% of the world’s population will be spending their Christmas bonuses on this year.

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