[Video] Preview of LG Mobile’s teen texting documentary, Thumbs

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LG Mobile has taken the extraordinary step (for a mobile handset manufacturer anyway) of putting together a fully-fledged documentary investigating the phenomenon of teen texting. And not just ordinary texting by teens. Supersonic-speed texting by nimble-fingered teens.

The documentary, entitled Thumbs, showcases the build-up to LGC’s National Texting Championship held in 2010. The film documents the texting ups and downs of six teenagers from across the USA, concentrating on the pivotal role that mobile phones play in the lives of young people today. Taken to the extreme, entrants competing for the Texting Champs are serious texters, who stop at nothing to get the highest words-per-minute rate humanly possible.

Carl Brown, Director of Trade Marketing for LG Mobile, said that LG was pleased to be playing a part in bringing texting to the big screen. “LG is proud of its texting legacy and has worked to become a pioneer in the space with its QWERTY devices and on-going programs such as the annual LG National Texting Championship. Supporting the Thumbs documentary has allowed LG a unique opportunity to give today’s texters a voice while providing an up-close look at the way texting has undeniably changed the way we communicate,” he said.

MTV’s Executive Vice President of Programming, Chris Linn, was equally thrilled at the unique programming opportunity presented by LG through the Thumbs documentary. “Texting is at the heart of how MTV’s Millennial audience communicates every single day of their lives. Thumbs not only focuses on the competition at the LG National Texting Championship but also takes viewers behind-the-scenes to reveal exactly how empowering and important this form of communication has become,” said Linn.

The premiere episode of Thumbs will air on MTV at 10pm EST. You may be surprised to see just how your text habits stack up when compared with the majority of under-18 text machines out there.

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