Pre-orders for LG’s new Optimus 3D handset open today

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Fresh off the back of the release of their popular Optimus Black smartphone, LG is about to launch the world’s first-ever 3D mobile phone, with tri-dual processing and twin cameras. And best of all, you won’t need 3D glasses to see the multi-dimensional handset action.

The phone will contain a dual 5 megapixel camera, giving users the ability to easily snap 3D photos or record 3D videos. The content can then be shared on 3D services (like YouTube 3D) and viwed on other 3D devices like screens and monitors. The beefed-up tech comes bundled with a lightning-fast processing triple combo in the forms of dual-core, dual-channel and dual-memory technologies.

LG’s General Manager of Mobile Product Marketing, Yong Kim, said, “As 3D technologies continue to gain momentum, we are greatly looking forward to introducing the world’s first 3D mobile, especially at a time when local consumers are becoming more and more tech-savvy with their mobile communication requirements.”

3D content has been slow to take off but is starting to gain momentum with graphically-rich experiences in 3D-ready games and applications. But users needn’t worry about limited 3D content because the phone apparently (but questionably, until we see it for ourselves) allows one-click conversion of 2D content to 3D. That could very easily lead to some seriously dodgy visuals.

If you’re an early adopter of note, now’s the time to book your Optimus 3D. The pre-order reservation list opens today at LG’s Starshop showrooms and will stay open for the next two weeks. After that, it’s every 3D-head for himself.

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