Nokia’s big reveal tomorrow: the new Symbian Belle

Posted In Nokia - By Kim On Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 With 0 Comments

The countdown timer on Nokia’s Facebook page makes no secret of their big announcement scheduled for tomorrow: something new is coming to Symbian. And that ‘something’ is the brand new version of Nokia’s Symbian mobile operating system, called Belle.

Popular speculation is that tomorrow’s event will see the launch of the Nokia 700, the first handset to be built with Symbian Belle – which, according to reports from users who’ve been testing it, is much faster and more intuitive than any of its Symbian OS predecessors. Not that that’s very difficult to achieve.

Nokia and Blackberry have been widely criticised for their clunky, old-fashioned operating systems, which have seen many users migrating to iOS and Android platforms. It’s also believed to be a central reason for Nokia entering a strategic alliance with Microsoft earlier this year.

The thinking has been that Nokia would be dumping Symbian completely in favour of pushing Windows Phone 7 on their handsets. The launch of Symbian Belle paints a slightly different picture however. Have a look at Belle in action below.

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