Nokia releases two ridiculously cheap (but very capable) phones

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Great news for African countries, India and other developing markets: mobile handsets have just become even more affordable with the introduction of the super cheap Nokia 100 and Nokia 101. And just because these low-cost phones don’t come with high price tags, it doesn’t mean that they don’t come with a great selection of features.

The main difference between the 100 and 101 is that the 101 is a dual-SIM phone with an MP3 player. Both the phones support five address books and the ability to store settings for five different SIM cards. The full-colour display is arranged around the familiar icon-grid menu system, allowing illiterate users to start using the phone immediately without having to deal with language barriers. The phones also feature a mini torch (flashlight) for users who live without reliable or consistent access to electricity.

Being feature phones (without all the bells and whistles of smartphones) it’s not surprising that the battery life is sensational, providing up to 25 days of power (on standby) or 6.7 hours of talk time. They also come with built-in FM radio receivers, pre-loaded games and support for up to 16GB memory cards (on the Nokia 101).

Some regions will also make Nokia’s Life Tools product available on the phones, giving users easy access to information and entertainment like weather, health information and news.

And now the best part, the price. The Nokia 100 comes in at a crazy $30. The Nokia 101 won’t break the bank either at an outrageous $40. The 101 will be launched first this quarter, with the 100 model coming out towards the end of the year.

Have a look at the Nokia 100

Here’s the 100′s big brother, the Nokia 101

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