Nokia 5030 seriously injures owner after battery explodes

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Nokia 5030's battery explodes

Monu Kumar, a 21-year-old man living in New Delhi in India, has been seriously injured in the eyes after the battery in his Nokia 5030 handset exploded while he was trying to remove the battery from the phone.

Nokia India’s Director of Corporate Communications, Poonam Kaul, said that Nokia wouldn’t comment officially until they have had a chance to inspect the remains of the 5030 and battery. “We are waiting for all the circumstantial evidence to start our investigations. The remains of the phone and the battery are crucial to ascertain whether the battery was a genuine Nokia product. Ninety percent of batteries sold are from the grey market,” said Kaul.

Although there were a number of reported explosions of the BL-5C battery (which the Nokia 5030 phone uses) in 2007 due to overheating, Kaul said that the two incidents weren’t connected in any way. “The Nokia 5030 phone was introduced in March 2009, while the incidents of overheating were reported in 2007 —there is absolutely no link between the two,” said Kaul.

The injured man’s family have already declared that they will be suing Nokia after receiving very little sympathy from the Finnish cellphone giant. Kumar’s cousin, Ravinder Kumar, said that, “No senior Nokia representative has contacted us — let alone tendering an apology. Two people came on Monday and clicked pictures of the damaged phone. Is this the way to handle such a situation? Are they not entitled to take some responsibility when my brother is suffering like this?”

Ravinder claims that his cousin has receipts for the phone (and battery), along with an original warranty letter from Nokia proving that the goods are genuine. In the meantime, Monu Kumar is left with no vision in his left eye and blurred vision in his right eye.

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