New York concert pioneers mobile-only ticketing

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While mobile ticketing has been implemented at various events over the last few years, no one has issued tickets strictly via mobile phone only – until now.

The Billboard Summer Blowout party held in New York last week featured dance duo LMFAO and producer Swizz Beatz, but what made it technologically exciting was that you needed a mobile ticket to get through the door.

A mobile ticketing company called ShowClix made the whole process pretty simple, utilising MMS technology to facilitate ticketing for the first time in the USA. Founder of ShowClix, Joshua Dziabiak said that they were excited to introduce the revolutionary service. “It’s the ability to have your event tickets delivered to your mobile device without having to print anything out that makes it a lot easier for patrons to remember their tickets,” he explained.

For the last three years, ShowClix has made use of text messages to issue mobile tickets to events, which were then scanned by a separate device at venues. Mobile ticketing results in ecological benefits for brands seeking to be eco-friendly while reducing costs at the same time.

Editor in chief of touring trade mag Pollstar, Gary Bongiovanni, said that venues were continuously considering options beyond ordinary printed tickets. “Whether it’s paperless tickets or print-at-home technology, instead of the guy ripping tickets at the door, he’s sitting there with a hand scanner, and that technology seems to get deployed at a fairly rapid rate,” he said.

Though Bongiovanni cautioned that mobile-only ticketing could exclude groups of consumers, he noted that most people had a mobile phone and added that the more info a seller has about their fans the better. Mobile obviously opens the door wide open for ongoing communication between the brand and user as well.

“There’s a lot of potential uses for the technology once you’ve identified who the people are who are in the audience. A few years ago, artists would play to a full arena and not have a clue who any of those people were,” he said.

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