Mobile apps catching up to McDonald’s 100 billion served

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McDonald's 100 billion served - nothing compared to mobile apps

We’ve all seen the famous sign hanging outside our local McDonald’s burger joint. The fast food behemoth has served over 100 billion burgers in their 50 year history, an unimaginable feat for anyone in their industry, which is why they print the claim so proudly on their signs, right under the golden arches. But 100 billion sales over a 50-year time span is dog slow when compared to the speed at which mobile apps are penetrating human history.

The infographic below paints a staggering picture of the modern-day app’s rise to fame. Apple and Google are hurtling towards the 100 billionth app mark, with Apple currently sitting on 15 billion downloads but well on track to reach the big 100 by the time the App Store celebrates its fifth birthday.

As for Android, it’s growing at an even faster pace, thanks in part to Google’s involvement in promoting the platform, along with the fact that Android is used by many handset manufacturers versus Apple’s one. Android should be popping the 100 billion champagne by the time they turn three.

Just who are the people consuming mobile content at such a rapid rate? It’s your sister, your neighbour, your teacher, the waiter at the pizza place, the guy with the funny eye at Walmart and, yes, even you. The world is obsessed with mobile, and these stats just go to prove it.

Mobile apps McDonalds burgers comparison infographic

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