Inside Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 handset, the ‘Sea Ray’

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Nokia Sea Ray with Windows Phone 7

A video leaked from a factory in China or Hong Kong reveals Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphone, nicknamed the ‘Sea Ray’. From the looks of things, it’s been built using the Nokia N9 blueprint. The video shows the various components of the phone and some of the operating system in action. Nokia’s only official statement on any of its Windows Phone 7 handsets has been to say that they plan to release at least one WP7 device in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Nokia is fighting for its life against nimbler competitors who have eaten up the Finnish mobile giant’s market share thanks to strong application ecosystems and agile operating systems. Nokia has bet the farm on its partnership with Microsoft (who will provide their operating system on Nokia handsets) and really has one last chance in the ring as far as consumers are concerned. So they have to get this right.

Rumours in the industry suggest that invitations to a top secret event in Germany on 17 August are floating around, where the Sea Ray is expected to be launched to the public. The stakes have never been higher for Nokia. And Microsoft is certainly not stress free either, no doubt holding thumbs that all will go off without a hitch for their new Windows Phone 7 (Mango) platform.

Whether launching a new platform on a new handset at exactly the same time is enthusiastically bold or remarkably misguided remains to be seen. Mark your calendar for August 17th.

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