[Infographic] What the mobile gaming market looks like in 2011

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Mobile gaming is arguably one of the defining pillars of success or failure for the major mobile operating systems. Good app economies are usually highly game orientated, with top quality full-game products, shiny graphics and extensive, interactive game-play. Gone are the days when Tetris and some form of solitaire were the most you could hope for in your mobile games folder. As more and more of our lifestyle activities converge into the single device we carry around with us all day, the games that consumers demand in 2011 are at a different level completely.

And consumers are prepared to pay for the ability to play top quality games on the go. This infographic (by GeekaPhone) sets the scene of the thriving mobile gaming industry that should generate at least $8 billion by the end of this year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Unsurprisingly, iOS and Android are at the top of the pile, with Blackberry trailing and Nokia not even getting a mention. Shame.

A few of the big takeaways from the infographic include:

  • Mobile gaming is projected to be a $54 billion industry by 2015.
  • The average age of mobile gamers is 28, with a pretty even split between male and female.
  • 51% of the top 25 grossing games in the App Store are free (but then again 49% aren’t).
  • In-game purchases are set to overtake pay-per-download purchases by 2013, with $11 billion generated through in-game purchases by 2015.
  • Game owners/developers made $87 million in ad revenue from games in 2010. That number will reach $894 million by 2015.
  • And the ultimate comparison of ecosystems: 37% of iPhone owners game daily and 46% of Blackberry users have no games on their phones at all.

Infographic - mobile gaming in 2011

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