[Infographic] The South African mobile market at a glance

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South Africa is one of the leading mobile markets in the developing world, with mobile penetration nearing 98%. Thanks to broadband connectivity issues (like no cables to remote areas) and pricing barriers, the majority of South Africans have skipped the PC generation and gone straight to mobile, with Nokia handsets and feature phones heavily dominating the market.

Nielsen has just conducted an in-depth survey amongst 2,000 South African mobile users and released a mobile insights report, summarised in the infographic below. Some of the valuable findings and conclusions include:

  • In order of priority, SA users choose a mobile network provider based on: price, network quality, customer service, reputation and promotion.
  • 61% of prepaid users will be switching to contracts in the next 12 months, while only 14% have committed to switching.
  • 64% buy airtime at spaza shops (entrepreneur-run stores that are situated inside a used shipping container, located in South African townships).
  • In order of popularity, the handset manufacturers that are top of mind are: Nokia (60%), Samsung (14%), Blackberry (6%), Sony Ericsson (3%), LG (2%) and Motorola (1%).
  • In order of usages, the handsets used most are: Nokia (52%), Samsung (25%), Blackberry (7%), Sony Ericsson (4%) and LG (4%).
  • 90% of subscribers only own one handset.
  • Only 53% of users have viewed an ad on their phone.
  • 85% of users are active on Facebook and 24% are using Twitter.

South Africa - mobile insights

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