If you’re addicted to your smartphone, latest survey says you’re not alone

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Smartphone addiction

Do you use your smartphone in the loo? No, don’t tell me! If you think you’re alone, just check out how attached some people are to their mobiles. These stats were taken from a report issued by the UK’s independent communications regulator (Ofcom) but they apply equally to most of the people I know who have phones. Which is everyone I know.

37% of adults and 60% of teenagers have confessed to being highly addicted to their smartphones, with some even admitting to actually naming their phones. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and, reaching for your Blackberry, going: “Good morning Betty – what will we be doing today?”

The lunacy continues:

  • 22% of adults and 47% of teenagers answer their smartphones whilst in the toilet. Too
    much info for my liking, thanks!
  • 38% of adults and 40% of teenagers have their handsets permanently switched on. As in 24/7. As in public holidays, weekends and quite possibly the dawn of Armageddon. All the time. Take a break peeps. Not healthy.
  • 18% of adults and 27% of teenagers use their smartphone in a location where it shouldn’t be used, like in the library or at the movies.
  • 23% of adults and 34% of teenagers continue using their phones during a meal. Are they talking
    with their mouths full? That’s just gross.
  • 51% of adults and 65% of teenagers admit to using their phones whilst socialising with others. One question for you selfish so-and-so’s: why bother meeting friends in the first place then? Just stay at home and text them – at least they’d be getting your attention. Too rude.
  • Because of their smartphones, 15% of teenagers read fewer books and 23% watch less television. So tht is y tey cnt spk proply?

Smartphones are wonderful life tools that have come to replace computers for many users but these types of statistics are scary, taking us ever closer to an all-consuming Sci-Fi existence where human relationships have died off completely.

What will you be doing on your phone next? No scrap that – I don’t think I really want to know.

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