If social networks were superheroes, who would they be?

Posted In Mobile Web - By Ryan On Monday, August 15th, 2011 With 0 Comments

We all have our favourite social media sites and networks. For me right now, it’s Twitter. Facebook feels more like an old school friend that I happen to bump into now and then; we exchange the usual catch-up banter, and then go our separate ways until bumping into each other again at some point in the future. But what if we imagined these sites as superheroes (or villains) – who would they be and what powers would they have?

The graphic below (by Freestyle Interactive) shows the networks and their superpowers in all their superhero glory:

Superhero Social Network
The Hulk Facebook
Spider-Man Twitter
The Thing LinkedIn
Daredevil MySpace
Invisible Girl SlideShare
Batman WordPress
Cyclops YouTube
Silver Surfer Google+
Human Torch Flickr

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