iCow SMS service helps dairy farmers in Kenya

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iCow mobile SMS service for dairy farmers

Three years ago, when a group of us were debating the power of mobile technology and how it could be applied to local businesses, we said something along the lines of, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were tending cattle out in the grazing fields and one of your cows got ill and you could just log on to a vet for information on how to deal with that problem?” We thought at that time that this, in Africa, could be such a huge step forward in the practical application of mobile in making a difference in communities.

Imagine our surprise, then, to have come across iCow, a Kenyan mobile service that does exactly what we had daydreamed about, and much more. Via SMS (text messages), small dairy farmers receive info and tips that include nearby vets, collection and storage of milk, vital days of the cow’s gestation period, best cow practices and a cow calendar for ideal herd management.

Thousands of farmers have signed up to the service, including Kariuki Githinji (a farmer in Nyeri) who praised iCow’s impact on his business: “The wonderful thing with iCow is that by the time you have used the app and adhered to all of the instructions, your cows end up healthier, bigger and stronger. They can easily fetch you more money in the marketplace.” And what bigger impact could a mobile service developer ask for really?

Big up to Green Dreams Tech Ltd in Kenya for bringing this amazing tech assistance to the very smallest of farmers out there. You have done a great job for Kenya today and Africa tomorrow.

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