Facebook Messenger aims arrow straight at the heart of BBM and IM

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Facebook Messenger instant messaging chat app

In case you need yet another way to feed your Facebook addiction, you now have the option to chat with your Facebook friends in a new instant messenger app that the Zuckerberg Brigade has released on iPhone and Android.

The app puts Facebook in the ring with chat competitors Blackberry Messenger (BBM), Apple’s new iMessage service and Google+ Huddles, providing a real-time channel for the omnipotent social network to intrude on your life even further. Like BBM et al, Facebook Messenger messages are sent over Facebook for free, providing a text messaging / SMS replacement at no cost to the user (other than ordinary mobile data charges).

Facebook being Facebook, they’ve integrated a few features that stand out from the other chat apps, like adding photos and location info to messages. And, quite smartly, the FB Messenger also takes the conversation beyond just your handset, ensuring that your web and mobile chats are seamlessly synced.

But possibly the most exciting thing about the app right now is the discovery of some code inside the app that appears to accomodate the Skype video chatting integration that has been on everybody’s lips in Silicon Valley since it first surfaced. The launch of video chat would put Facebook head-to-head with Google+ Hangouts. The clash will be nothing short of a WWE spectacular.

As more and more services seek to compete for real-time attention of the world’s connected audience, it seems only the Goliaths have a fighting chance. The Davids trying to enter this space in standalone startups won’t have the resources (human or financial) to match the weight the likes of Google, Facebook, Blackberry and Apple are putting behind these initiatives. None of the big boys can afford to lose this game and they’ll do whatever it takes, and squash whoever gets in the way, to be the last man standing.

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