Even the App Store isn’t safe from vuvuzelas

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Vuvuzela Man iPhone and iPad app

Is there any place on earth that hasn’t been invaded by the dreaded plastic trumpet, the vuvuzela? Made famous across the globe by the thousands of fans blowing them at the 2010 Soccer World Cup, this South African instrument has caused endless debate between sports fanatics. But love it or hate it, the vuvuzela is not going away. In fact, it’s about to get even louder with a brand new app that’s now available (for free) in Apple’s App Store.

The Vuvuzela Man app promises big entertainment. So big that it even features Multi-Vuvu technology, which in plain English simply means that you can blow up to four vuvuzelas at once. Though I wouldn’t count on being able to play all four for too long without being verbally or physically abused by those within hearing distance. Which, with four vuvuzelas blaring, should be somewhere around 520 000 kilometres.

The app is available for the iPhone and has an iPad counterpart too, masterfully called Big Vuvuzela Man.

But why would anyone want to rekindle memories of the mind-numbing buzzing of bees every time we watched a soccer game last year? According to the team behind the app, there’s a market just waiting for this. Tom Scharfeld, founder of Spoonjack, said, “We think this is a great step forward for the Vuvuzela. Now anyone can enjoy the Vuvuzela when and where it’s otherwise been impossible – whether it’s been banned by their sporting authority, shunned by friends and neighbors, or simply can’t fit in their bag.”

Um, correction Tom. Now anyone can enjoy four vuvzelas when it has otherwise been impossible. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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  1. Theodore says:

    Well! Am gonna get me a slingshot, that fires 4 projectiles towards anyone that dares make this dreaded noise in my presence! You have been warned!

    • Ryan says:

      Amen to that. Even though it's over a year since the World Cup, I don't think our eardrums have fully recovered from the constant droning.

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