Dior ventures into mobile bling with $5,000 phone

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Not everyone wants to walk the streets of New York or LA or Monte Carlo with yet another Nokia or iPhone or Blackberry. Some people have standards to maintain – a certain image that only the best of the best will help keep up. So to answer the basic needs of the super rich, Christian Dior has done what any self-respecting gazillionaire design house would do: release a $5,000 mobile phone.

The phone is a super slim, super sleek touch-screen handset that’s compact enough to fit into a diamond-encrusted handbag you have lying around the house. It’s crafted beautifully and has a luxurious feel both inside and out. The interface is intuitive and elegant while simple enough to operate in a dark corner at a Jack Nicholson birthday party or from your private 18th century wine cellar.

The Dior phone is composed of 99 individual pieces, assembled in a French workshop with the finest of materials, including gold, diamonds, mother-of-pearl and steel. True to Dior style, the phone’s outer shell features the Dior caning motif chiseled into sapphire crystal to deliver a luminous effect that will make you the talk of the town – or the red carpet at least.

But of course, even though there won’t be many others with the $5k phone, you want additional exclusivity. So the phone is available in Dior’s four traditional colours: Dazzling Red, Pure White, Shanghai Blue and Glamorous Black.

Which colour would you like? Perhaps take all four, just in case you struggle to match your Jimmy Choos to your new mobile accessory. And take another four to dish out to friends, family and servants.

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