CNN in talks to acquire iPad feed reader Zite

Posted In Tablets - By Ryan On Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 With 0 Comments

Zite, the iPad RSS feed reader magazine that ‘gets smarter as you use it’, is apparently being courted by TV news network CNN. The news station is seriously considering acquiring Zite for a reported $25 million, giving the TV-only brand an instant foothold in the mobile news market. Zite has differentiated itself from other news feed apps through it’s ‘personalised magazine’ positioning, showing you the news you’re interested in as it learns your preferred reading habits.

The move would be a bold one for CNN because, for the first time, they would own a company that aggregates news from news providers other than itself. The tablet news audience is growing quickly though and CNN would do well to acquire the technology behind Zite if nothing else. This may, in fact, be their long-term motivation behind the acquisition: add the ability to add additional sources to the CNN iPad app, so that CNN is still your number one news destination.

Ironically, Zite has received cease and desist notices from CNN and other companies, who are concerned about Zite’s use (or as they put it, ‘misappropriation’) of their intellectual property. Zite’s blog and Twitter account haven’t hinted at any potential takeovers, but then they wouldn’t until it’s happened, would they?

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