Cadbury launches app that turns chocolate wrappers into games

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The sweets and confectionary giant Cadbury has partnered with a mobile applications company to launch what they’re calling ‘the world’s first app that recognises branded products’. Blippar is a free augmented reality (AR) app available on iPhone and Android platforms and is already attracting enormous amounts of attention from the marketing community at large, because of the opportunities it presents brands trying to reach app audiences.

The mechanics of the app are extremely simple for the user to grasp. Launch the app, point the camera on your phone at a Cadbury chocolate bar, and watch as the AR magic goes to work. The app launches a game called Qwak Smack, where users need to smack quacking cartoon ducks that come out of the chocolate bars on the screen’s AR layer. Players’ scores are then submitted and entered towards a prize draw.

Cadbury’s head of digital, Sonia Carter, loved the idea of the app the minute they saw it and jumped at the opportunity to join Blippar in co-launching the app. “We were blown away by the technology and are certain that consumers will be too. With one in three UK adults owning a smartphone, the potential market for initiatives like this is huge,” she said.

Blippar CEO Ambarish Mitra believes that the app’s AR capabilities could mean the end of QR codes. “The implications are enormous and we look forward to being at the forefront of delivering compelling experiences for users with other exciting brands,” said Mitra. “Image-recognition enabled augmented reality is far from a gimmick and will fundamentally change how consumers interact with their favourite real-world brands.”

The Cadbury game in action, with Spots vs Stripes:

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