[Infographic] Apple pulls in 66% of global mobile sales profits

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Mobile vendors profits graph

It’s hard to believe that a computer brand that introduced the humble iPhone just four years go has grown into the mobile behemoth we see before us today. And though Apple’s handset penetration is only around the 20% mark across the globe, quarterly profit figures have revealed that they’re pulling in a massive 66% of global sales profits. Not surprising if you consider some of the prices we have to pay to live an Apple lifestyle.

The Q2 2011 graph above was put together by market analysts Asymco and illustrates the David-to-Goliath transformation that Apple has undergone in the mobile phone industry. What’s worse, if you’re the head honcho at Nokia or Sony Ericsson, is that while Apple is booming, some of the other major manufacturers have had their profits eaten right down to an actual loss. Samsung and Blackberry have only made small profits.

Mobile vendors profits pie

When it comes to sharing the profit leftovers after Apple, Samsung raked in 15%, with RIM/Blackberry seeing 11% and HTC 7%. Clearly Apple’s margins are not small but thankfully Apple fans are willing to pay whatever it takes to have the new white, silver or black masterpiece revealed by Steve and his slaves on stage at the next WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event. And if you’re wondering how the company keeps the constant flow of new gadgets coming, the graph is a clear indication that they have all the money in the bank they need to dedicate gazillions of man hours to R&D.

What remains to be seen in next quarter’s report is whether any of these manufacturers have managed to keep going at this less than impressive rate, or whether mergers and acquisitions have stepped in to save the day.

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