A first glimpse of Apple’s iOS 5 in action

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Apple iOS 5

Apple announced the upcoming release of iOS 5 at their WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event in June and have now just released an early beta version of the new operating system to developers – just in time to raise renewed speculations that the iPhone 5 will be released in September. If you listen carefully, you can just make out the squeals of geek delight from behind glowing screens across the globe.

The new OS does a good job of improving intuitive functions that we thought couldn’t get any easier, while throwing in a few industry-changing innovations just for luck. The biggest feature that’s getting everyone really excited is the alleged inclusion of speech-to-text conversion, which is activated by an icon next to the keyboard’s space bar on the iPhone. Which takes us one step closer to Knight Rider’s voice-command car and about 10 steps closer to the rise of the machines, where humans are just accessories in a world of robotic control.

Some of the coolest new features of iOS 5 include:

  • iMessage (Apple’s way of taking on Blackberry’s BBM juggernaut, allowing users to send text messages between iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices for free)
  • Wi-Fi Sync (which means no more hunting or digging for that elusive white cable)
  • Rich text email formatting (yes, you can now send emails with bold and italics text like the rest of the world)
  • 100% computer free (older versions of iOS always relied on having access to a computer for setup and other functions)
  • A camera button on the lock screen (if you use your iPhone to take photos regularly, this is manna from heaven)
  • Access to all your content on all your devices through iCloud (including backup and restore functions)
  • Another 194 or so features, according to Apple’s count

iOS 5 in action – a developer looks at the beta release

The official Apple iOS 5 rah-rah hey-shoo-wow video

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